A description of the types of diabetes and its effects

The prediabetes level means that blood glucose is higher than usual but not so high as to constitute diabetes.

type 2 diabetes

Insulina hormone made by the pancreashelps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy. Diabetes dramatically increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and narrowing of blood vessels atherosclerosis.

As of While the body still makes insulin, unlike in type I, the cells in the body do not respond to it as effectively as they once did.

Which is worse type 1 or 2 diabetes

Areas of darkened skin, usually in the armpits and neck. More Information Diabetes prevention: 5 tips for taking control The Mayo Clinic experience and patient stories Our patients tell us that the quality of their interactions, our attention to detail and the efficiency of their visits mean health care like they've never experienced. You may also need medications to help control blood pressure and cholesterol. Gestational diabetes should go away after you deliver, but it does significantly increase your risk for getting diabetes later. Keep canisters closed after testing. Eat more fruits , vegetables, and whole grains. Type I diabetes: Also known as juvenile diabetes, this type occurs when the body fails to produce insulin. To diagnose gestational diabetes , your doctor will test your blood sugar levels between the 24th and 28th weeks of your pregnancy.

They work separately from insulin, and they may be useful for people who are not ready to start using insulin. There are different types of insulin available with different times of onset, peak, and duration.

This is why doctors often recommend making lifestyle changes in an attempt to slow or reverse this cycle. Q: If prediabetes causes no symptoms, how do I know I have it and take steps to reverse the condition? Other medications In addition to insulin, other types of medication are available that can help a person to manage their condition.

Treating type 2 Type 2 diabetes is managed with diet and exercise, and can also be treated with a variety of medications to help control blood sugar.

About percent of cases in adults are type 2 diabetes. People can also take steps to reduce their body mass index BMIwhich can help some people with type 2 diabetes manage the condition without medication.

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Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, although it can appear at any age. As of , Cut saturated and trans fats, along with refined carbohydrates , out of your diet. Physical inactivity, race, and certain health problems such as high blood pressure also affect your chance of developing type 2 diabetes. The discovery of insulin was fascinating and controversial. Getting active. How much is too much? But even if you take medication, healthy lifestyle choices remain essential for preventing or managing diabetes. However, you don't have to be overweight to develop type 2 diabetes. Learn more about the function of insulin by clicking here. Although diabetes has no cure, you can take steps to manage your diabetes and stay healthy. Fat distribution.

Most of the time, we use a test called a hemoglobin A1C that tells us how you have controlled your sugars over the previous 3 months.

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Diabetes: Definition, Causes and Symptoms