A discussion of whether destiny can be avoided

Some will live simple mundane lives and die a simple and mundane death. All conditioning aims at that: making people like their unescapable social destiny. According to Nietzsche, "the will to power" has more need of lucky errors than the truth for which we strive.

quotes about true love and destiny

Destiny is a purpose one is given in life, a great duty or task that meets the needs of some greater plan that only Aminus may truly know the nature of. Here we have the basis of Augustine's theory of predestination, which is, in effect, a theory of the freedom of a personal god.

An important form of responsibility is responsibility for the future, both near and distant, which is built on the sense of responsibility for the present and the past. However, there is no action that does not in some way affect another person, there are no completely isolated human beings.

Consequently, freedom presupposes, above all, a knowledge of laws that are not dependent on human beings, and it is this knowledge that makes people intrinsically free. According to Kant, if human acts of will are empirically conditioned and necessary, no human being can be held responsible for them.

If we want to decide whether the given individual could or could not have acted differently, our criterion is primarily the objective circumstances and possibilities, while the measure of responsibility is decided by the degree to which the individual made intentional use of the available opportunities.

It's actually a little more rich and interesting if you have time to sit with it, and reflect.

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