An evaluation of the problem of suicide a global epidemic

Highest suicidal cities in the world

Suicide is one of the priority conditions in the WHO Mental Health Gap Action Programme mhGAP launched in , which provides evidence-based technical guidance to scale up service provision and care in countries for mental, neurological and substance use disorders. A better understanding of these variations may have direct implications for screening and treatment strategies, and they warrant further research. A range of new treatments is promising to move psychopharmacology beyond SSRIs. For example, proportionally, women choose hanging as a method of suicide almost as frequently as men. One study tracked individuals with the diagnosis of major depression over 2 years and found certain variables to be much more predictive of suicidal acts in men than in women: a family history of suicidal behavior, previous drug use, and early parental separation. Over two million people suffer with depression annually in South Korea, but only 15, choose to receive regular treatment. Suicide is a complex issue and therefore suicide prevention efforts require coordination and collaboration among multiple sectors of society, including the health sector and other sectors such as education, labour, agriculture, business, justice, law, defense, politics, and the media. But when it comes to hanging, the picture is far more complex.

Suicide Life Threat Behav Kpsowa A, McElvain J. N Engl J Med.

An evaluation of the problem of suicide a global epidemic

They were killed by a faulty metal grate. J Clin Psychol ; Int J Epidemiol ; In Octobera government safety official died by suicide after 16 people were killed at a concert performed by the K-Pop group 4Minute that he oversaw.

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One would think that the hugely elevated rate of suicide in men compared with women would have sparked a substantial investment of resources into systematic research and enhanced clinical practice. Bertolote JM, Fleischmann A.

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Suicide in South Korea