An introduction to the history of the revolution during the years 1923 1939 in russia

russian revolution 1905

In the new Soviet regime it was the masses who should govern society. The place of the family as a shut-in petty enterprise was to be occupied, according to the plans, by a finished system of social care and accommodation: maternity houses, creches, kindergartens, schools, social dining rooms, social laundries, first-aid stations, hospitals, sanatoria, athletic organizations, moving-picture theaters, etc.

But the Russian bourgeoisie played no role in the revolution - they were more afraid of the Russian workers than of the monarchy and had tried until the last moment, to make a deal with the old regime.

Far sooner than expected, inadequately trained recruits were called for active duty, a process repeated throughout the war as staggering losses continued to mount. This would also lay the material basis for a change in the family. Russia is crippled in its defeat. During the Brest-Litovsk negotiations with Germany, he served as Trotsky's deputy.

Only under such conditions can we free the family from the functions and cares that now oppress and disintegrate it. However, Lenin played a crucial role in the debate in the leadership of the Bolshevik party for a revolutionary insurrection as the party in the autumn of received a majority in the soviets.

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Russian Revolution