An introduction to the importance of satellites in space

Satellites in orbit

GPS-based systems are used by civilians and the military for navigation on land, sea, and air, and are crucial in situations like a ship making a difficult course in a harbor in bad weather or troops lost in unfamiliar territory, where other navigation tools may not exist. Development Satellites are increasingly important to the developing world. If you want to survey crops or ocean temperatures, you could do it from a plane, but a satellite can capture more data more quickly because it's higher up and further away. We tend to group satellites either according to the jobs they do or the orbits they follow. Galileo Space exploration satellites are not really satellites at all; they are actually space probes. Although there are many different types of satellite orbits, they come in three basic varieties, low, medium, and high—which are short, medium, and long distances above Earth, respectively. Who invented satellites? Before comsats, mountains could literally separate you and the friend you wanted to contact. The information sent back from its radiation detector led to the discovery of the Earth's Van Allen radiation belts. Aided by research support from NASA, the first successful geostationary satellite, Syncom 2 , was launched in ; it demonstrated the feasibility of the Hughes concept prior to commercial use.

GReatest Images of NASA The original use of communications satellites was to relay voice, video, and data from one relatively large antenna to a second, distant one, from which the communication then would be distributed over terrestrial networks.

This is Havana, Cuba photographed by the Landsat satellite.

uses of satellites in daily life

Different transponders in the same satellite are used to handle different TV stations carried on different frequencies. Tethered satellites Tethered satellites are satellites that use space tethers, normally for research purposes, and are comprised of three parts: the base-satellite, the space tether, and the sub-satellite.

Navstar A type of satellite that gives ships and aircraft their coordinate positions on the Earth.

An introduction to the importance of satellites in space

In addition, technological developments in India and several countries in Europe enabled those countries to develop both optical and radar Earth-observation satellites with high ground resolution and to market imagery on a commercial basis.

Some satellites send and receive television signals.

how many satellites are in space

But not all satellites are so big.

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Uses of Satellites