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One of the most famous alternate jersey wore by Argentina was worn at the World Cup in Mexico when then manager Carlos Bilardo asked Le Coq Sportif Argentina's kit manufacturer at the time to come up with lighter blue shirts for the quarter-final, an impossible request given the short deadline.

Moreover, instead of holding two championships every year, only one double round-robin tournament was contested, like football leagues in Europe. The winner of Copa de la Superliga is the 5th team eligible to enter Copa Libertadores.

Four teams were relegated to and two teams were promoted from Primera B Nacional. However, inthe tournaments were separated.

argentine primera division teams

This practice was very controversial, especially since one of the biggest teams Boca Juniors lost the finals against Newell's Old Boyscosting them their first official championship since despite an unbeaten run in the Clausura. Nevertheless, Argentina wore other uniforms a few times.

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The — season introduced the promotion and relegation system for the first time, where the two clubs placed 1st and 2nd within the four teams with the lowest average, had to play a two-leg series with teams from Primera B Nacional to keep their place in the division. The ninth to twelfth teams of each group entered the Reclasificatorio tournament to determine the relegating teams. If a draw occurred, penalty shootout was taken place and the winner of the shootout would get two points while the loser still had one. The goal is to reduce the quantity of teams to 20 in Andrew's Scots School as one of its board members. In —96 , the rule was changed and three points were given for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss since then. One team was relegated to and one team was promoted from Primera B Nacional.

The Metropolitano only allowed clubs competing the old tournament to participate, while the Nacional was open to teams from regional tournaments. However, the project for the new format was successfully picked up starting from the season.

argentine primera division teams
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Argentine Primera Division Table