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Whether they are paying you a wage, actively training you, or both, they are not advertising for an Intern because they want to help some young person reach their personal or professional goals. Another, more unorthodox technique I use is a sort of role-playing exercise. You will be competing with others who may be equally or better qualified so you will want to put your best foot forward at every step of the process. Above all else, if there are specific instructions — make sure to follow them. Ryan Higgs at - Reply Ariel, Thanks for the article. Best of luck! Anything you can do to show you're interested in the industry and have taken the initiative to get some experience under your belt can help you. That holds as true in the music industry as in any other industry, maybe even more so. All of the others I had were not advertised to the public. This means you need to be very clear on a number of important points. As previously stated, each and every opportunity is unique, and each may require a certain amount of adaptation and finesse. I then read over my resume out loud.

Either way, you should always highlight relevant classes you have taken to let a prospective employer know that you're bringing some specialized knowledge to the table. Please try again.

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By Heather McDonald Updated August 26, When you're knocking on the door of the music industry , the burning question most likely in your mind is: What goes on a competitive music industry resume? A resume that demonstrates experience also demonstrates that you get the basic framework and that you understand a job in the music industry is a job. There is a very positive subliminal effect a well-designed letter has, and the opposite is also true. If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact me by phone at or email any time. What exactly are employers in the music business looking for when they interview job candidates? You should be prepared to talk about any of the following things in an interview, although not every one will apply to every opportunity or organization. Music industry internships are an excellent way to get started. Even though most letters are sent today via email, or uploaded to a web application, in most cases they do get printed by the recipient prior to review, and for use in the interview process. The job purpose in resume describes the private goals of this candidate in the particular situation. Form and Flow Keeping in mind that you want your cover letter to be a quick read, I like to use the following structure: Introduction: Greet the hiring manager, state who you are and why you are interested in the specific position. I really like the artist that works their. Many applicants do this, but it can come across as fawning and insincere. This exudes professionalism and will leave the person reviewing your application with a visually-appealing, easy-to-read package. I am a music marketing student at Baylor University, and I will be internship hunting for the next summer.

It will outline your strengths, skills and qualifications that are relevant to the position, and will hopefully generate enough interest on the part of the employer that they are willing to interview you.

What exactly are employers in the music business looking for when they interview job candidates? As with the regular job market, organizations are looking for the best candidates. This means you need to be very clear on a number of important points.

In addition, you may possibly have acquired most of of the skills you have by self-learning. Quality Blog Posts. Thank you so much for this great opportunity and I look forward to your response.

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Hope Greenwood at - Reply Hello this was very helpful, i am 15 and i was wondering if you could reccomend any alevels that would help me get into this business, specifically being a music manager. Even if you are doing an online interview, you will want a printed copy in front of you for reference.

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9 Steps To Getting A Job In The Music Business