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In most movies today, this scene would be quick and ugly. Antonio takes on the responsibility of burying the owl and realizes that he is really burying Ultima. As he lies dying in Antonio's arms, he asks Antonio to give him a blessing.

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This model repudiates assimilation to the mainstream culture, but embraces acceptance of our historical selves through creative adaptation to the changing world around us.

He gave her the owl that became her spirit familiar, her guardian, and her soul. The payoff of a scene is shown in how Antonio's behavior is reflected in later ones. He is described by Antonio as being moody.

One day, while socializing with his friends they tell him the story of the Golden Carp. The impact of modernization and war, therefore, did not exclude the Hispanos and indigenous peoples of New Mexico as the boundaries of their previously insular communities were crossed by these external technological and cultural influences.

And there is violence. When Tenorio declares an all out war against Ultima, he does not want his sons to get involved, even though Ultima saved Lucas's life. With Antonio, Ultima's relationship as healer is also one of teacher. And I read it because many readers have praised it.

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