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And as you do, let us know if you notice any changes in yourself as a result of the people and media you surround yourself with in the comments section below!

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As a result, may of us spend weekend after weekend with the same crew, or even giving friends chance after chance simply because we don't want to be without them. Published on: Nov 29, Like this column? More from Inc.

When friends make you choose between them

But just as media can influence our actions in aggressive ways it can also drive us toward positive behavior. With friends like this, you can learn from each other. When your friends and people who you surround yourself with are successful, you will be more likely to be successful too. Also, as friends influence your habits, having the right kind of friends contribute towards your positive growth. Have faith in your children and honor who they are. It is very true that you do not become friends with a person in an instant, even if you find one such friend you immediately want to be friends with, it always begins with being friendly and gradually creating a firm bond of friendship. You want friends that celebrate you, not just tolerate you. Choose friends that share the same interests. In Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Caldini talks about one factor in particular that causes us to look towards those around us for cues on how to act: uncertainty. Booster Thoughts Peers don't make children what they are. Friendships naturally ebb and flow, however I think we can all pin point that one friend who's selfish and who generally leaves you in a worse mood than you started in. Every friendship is a give-and-take.

But just as media can influence our actions in aggressive ways it can also drive us toward positive behavior. It is natural to feel most comfortable with people who are like you, and that's OK.

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Continue Reading. No one wants a friend that is negative or down all the time. Choose friends with similar values. You might be a great writer and can offer assistance to a friend that is updating her resume. Choose a friend with whom you feel a balance of give and take. Excited by the progress he's made in his own life since the program, he decided to start writing for AoC to help other guys do the same. Being friends with the right kind of people brings out the best in you. With friends like this, you can learn from each other. This tendency can be most blatant when it comes to the secret dream of most parents-to have popular children. If not, then it's probably time to branch out and start establishing some new relationships.

Don't worry about whether your child has the right number of friends. Have faith in your children and honor who they are.

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Log in to post comments Blog Search. Here's a short guide to choosing friends who make you a better person. Have faith in your child to handle the fight. From media to friends, social scenarios to cultural precedents, we are — in a very real way — the product of our surroundings. In a year happiness study, Harvard psychologists found that your happiness is very much impacted by the happiness levels of the people in your social network. They don't put you down for the things that make you different; they embrace them! In this experiment children watched adults interact with a doll and were then given a chance to interact with that same doll themselves. You too may find that you're now a working adult, there are better ways to choose who we spend your time with. If she had not been dieting and exercising, her roommate tended to gain 2. Unless being with them is making you revert back to a past self you want to forget, or you stress out about meetings more than you enjoy their company, you may want to keep in touch.

Wrong friends can cause you to be counter-productive A toxic friend is a serious threat to your success. Studies have shown that exposure to pro-social media decreases aggression, increases empathy, and leads to more helpful behaviors towards others.

Don't rule them out as friends just because they are in a different stage of life.

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I think it's fair to say that we all need some time away from work, family, and our main responsibilities to simply enjoy life. You may think friends are forever, while your child may enjoy moving in and out of different groups of friends. Be careful not to put your judgments about friendships onto your children. And you should definitely seek out the company of other people. Embrace the habits that improve you. When a relationship is one-sided, we end up feeling resentful and angry. Just as aggressive lyrics in songs lead to more thoughts and feelings of aggression. Emotional contagion basically means that we absorb the feelings and emotions of those around us. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. One may still wonder why it is so necessary to be choosy about friends, but the more you think on this, the clearer it becomes.
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3 Ways to Choose the Right Friends