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For example, deploying the software on a cloud could be considered as supplying it to a third-party and violate the terms of a licence that prohibits distribution to third-parties. Predicted OSS use was nearly identical between IT decision-makers and their business-oriented peers, implying that technology and business leaders alike recognize the value of interoperability, standardization, freedom from vendor lock-in, and continuous innovation.

The following sections discuss in more detail some of the potential benefits to researchers of using cloud computing. Making your software and data accessible to other researchers, either through a service, or directly, allows them to both validate your research and allow it to contribute to theirs.

Cloud computing research

Limited scale-ability — Cloud computing service providers promise to deliver infinite scale-ability for customer but due to the fact that millions of users are now migrating to cloud computing so such promise is not fulfilled. What are the potential benefits of clouds for researchers?

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Understand your application Questions for you: Do you understand the CPU, memory, disk and network requirements of your application? It is one of the leading Cloud Computing research topics.

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By , 41 percent of global respondents expect to use open-source software OSS for a majority of their software platform, up 14 percentage points from today. This can be used for research purpose and companies can use it to detect failures, costs, and issues. You could do this as a set of web pages or as a blog. Metering — Administrations using cloud services must meter and monitor the performance of services. Does your institution have a credit card you can use and would be happy for you to do so? It is one of the leading Cloud Computing research topics. To build a strong secure cloud storage model and Tekken issues faced by the cloud one can postulate that cloud groups can find the issues, create a context-specific access model which limits data and preserve privacy.
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12 Latest Cloud Computing Research Topics