Criminal law case digests

Criminal law digest

The circumstantial evidence attendant and relied upon by the trial court is sufficient for conviction. The accused-appellant was charged with the crime of qualified rape. It means merely that, in a jurisdiction where the question of guilt is determined by a jury, there should be some evidence tending to show the commission of a crime apart from the confession. Give two 2 examples of cases of incomplete requisites to justify the act or exempt from criminal liability. Ballon, filed a notice of appeal for both convicts on the grounds that the lower courts decision is contrary to law and evidence. Issue: a Whether petitioner is still qualified to avail of probation even after appealing his conviction to the RTC which affirmed the MeTC except with regard to the duration of the penalties imposed. At around seven o'clock in the evening, Cadawan returned to the vice-mayor's house and told appellant Tamani that Domingo was in front of the store of Pedro Pua at the town's commercial street. Accused-appellants pleaded not guilty during their arraignment. The key prosecution witness, Cirilo Manaban who was then only fourteen years old, witnessed the killing of his brother-in-law, Elfonio Adelantar. This is erroneous.

Appellant is deaf and dumb. Garcia Valdez Facts: The defendant is the editor of Miau, a periodical published and circulated in Manila, and that an article containing the alleged injurious matter was published in the issue of that periodical of September 15, Death of the accused pending appeal of his conviction extinguishes his criminal liability as well as the civil liability based solely thereon.

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Decision: Yes. The decision of court a quo finding accusedappellant guilty of murder qualified by treachery imposing a death penalty was modified considering that there is one mitigating circumstance of mental illness of the offender.

Issue: Whether or not the act was committed with evident premeditation Held: It is unquestionable that the accused deliberately considered and carefully and thoughtfully meditated over the nature and the consequences of the acts which, under orders received from the said datto, he was about to carry out, and to that end provided himself with a weapon.

In that situation Roman Diokno stabbed him with the knife in the back and later in the left side.

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Held: Conditional pardon is certainly a contract between two parties: the Chief Executive, who grants the pardon, and the convict, who accepts it. When Manalinde was arrested he pleaded guilty and confessed that he had perpetrated the crime herein mentioned, stating that his wife had died about one hundred days before and that he had come from his home in Catumaldu by order of the Datto Rajamudah Mupuck, who had directed him to go juramentado in Cotabato in order to kill somebody, because the said Mupuck had certain grievances to avenge against a lieutenant and a sergeant, the said datto further stating that if he, Manalinde, was successful in the matter, he would give him a pretty woman on his return, but that in case he was captured he was to say that he performed the killing by order of Maticayo, Datto Piang, Tambal and Inug.

Likewise, petitioners second Motion for Reconsideration was denied in an Order dated July 5,

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Criminal Law Case Digests