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But their placid new surroundings are soon, and frequently, interrupted by roaring tractor trailers zooming down the road in front of the house.

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Read More. It's a terrible book--not in terms of the writing, but it just spirals down into darkness. In his dream, he is gathered at the burial ground with all those he knows who have been connected with the cemetery, and all are touched there by the Wendigo and transformed into their dark opposite selves.

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And it's definitely not one of Stephen King's best adaptations. Jud is trying at this point to persuade Louis not to attempt the resurrection of Gage. The attack, in turn, allows Louis to save her, which allows Jud to be grateful enough to feel good about leading him to resurrect Church. One can accept death and move on; most would consider this sane. He says, "If we can catch her one night, gang up on her, I think--" Love and Death in Stephen King's Pet Sematary "So the universal thump is passed round, and all hands should rub each other's shoulder-blades, and be content. It's awful! When the dead really are gone, and one accepts this, then one goes on, as Norma Crandall says one must with aging; otherwise "you ended up in a small room writing letters home with Crayolas" Louis feels resentment of Rachel and Ellie on several grounds, but his core problem has to do with mortality, as is shown in his elaboration of the Disney World fantasy. While I agreed with some changes that would suit the story and production of a movie, I was saddened the ending was changed. Then, the Wendigo may send a physical manifestation of itself into the outer world by inhabiting the body of the dead one. In Louis's world, one overcomes Death, the evil father, by becoming the evil father, a father of cannibals. Kept from the women, this childish behavior cannot offend them, yet he enjoys it precisely because it would offend them if they knew. It was the Wendigo, and it had turned him into not just a cannibal but the father of cannibals"

That said, there is something awfully glossy about the look of the film, a too-contemporary sheen that dilutes the nervous atmosphere. Because Louis sees Jud as his father, we may infer that he would harbor toward Jud the same repressed feelings he imagines Gage harbors toward his father, a desire to replace him.

This image, on the face of it, seems to be without meaning and, therefore, has led more than one reader to ask why the book ends this way.

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He has stated his own and his wife's reluctance to publish the novel Bare Bones Jud also represses anger toward his wife, a resentment that is mirrored in the Creed marriage.

It has a power. We can see in Louis's heart, then, repressed desires to harm Church after his castrationRachel, and Ellie, desires that the Wendigo helps to enact.

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