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The Driscoll's reflective cycle has enabled me to examine my experiences from all the aspects of life.

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Also, the Nursing actions that will promote and maintain Mr Moses dignity during his care will be described. Journal of Advanced Nursing 57 2 : Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of professional conduct: standard for conduct, performance and ethics. Reflection is a significant part of attaining knowledge and understanding, to reflect on experiences which could be positive or negative allowing for self criticism Bulman and Schutz, In conclusion my knowledge about the concept of dignity and its importance to health care and the benefit to service users increased. I observed differences in perception of needs between disciplines. There may be members who have an important contribution to the group but because of the communication difficulties, it becomes hard for them to express themselves. Interprofessional collaboration-in-practice The contested place of ethics. My 1st skill will explores how communication can be enhanced for clients with communication impairments which I raised in one of the multidisciplinary team meeting MDT. For instance, people with dementia may feel outpaced when they see others moving or speaking. On the other hand, as an emerging nurse, the experience I learned from my colleagues has enabled me to re-examine my nursing skills in order to match them with the health promotion principles. Now what? Journal of Nursing Management, 16 8 , pp. But the patients had to suffer due to my inaction in the scenario.

So in this situation replacing the dentures was crucial to prevent unnecessary pain to patient and cure the patient. Mr Moses despite his present circumstance should feel value before, during and after his care Nursing Standard, Tesh, A.

Therefore, it is necessary for the nurses to be accommodative and friendly to all people during the provision of the health services.

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Through observation, I will be able to provide care in a dignified way. Answer: Overview of reflection The report is a reflection on a nursing health care scenario from a legal perspective.

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The National Competency Standard of Registered Nurse promotes nursing practice in accordance with legislations needed for health care. It has served as a framework for the establishment of my ability to examine different nursing skills and identify the ones that will improve the health promotion practices. What to do differently from the group I would propose a meaningful communication between the group members. Journal of Advanced Nursing 57 2 : Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of professional conduct: standard for conduct, performance and ethics. Great British. Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of professional conduct: standards for conduct, performance and ethics. Things that emerged in my observation for Mr Moses to be provided with care in a dignified way involves, delivery Mr Moses personal care in a way that maintain his dignity, having support from team members and an up to date training in delivering care, and supportive ward environment NHS evidence, Downloaded from bmj. Martori, E. I think in this scenario my conduct was very unprofessional. Health service will need to recognise the specific needs of older people in caring for them, demonstrating respect for Mr Len autonomy, privacy during Mr Len care and avoiding poor practice that will deify Mr Moses dignity, such as: allowing him to remain wet and soiled or scolding him Age Concern, Ed Learning Disabilities: Toward Inclusion. But I did not protested against the unsafe step taken for the patients and removed the dentures. P about it.

One week into my placement at the community I was told by my mentor that I will be carrying out an assessment for a new patient that was referred to our service. Mr Moses care should be deliver in a private area, ensuring Mr Moses receive care in a dignified way that does not humiliate him: Discussion about Mr Moses condition should be discussed with him where others are unable to hear and curtain or doors are closed during Mr Moses care Woolhead et al, My first responsibility was to attend to mouth care of the patient and I was instructed not to replace hi dentures into mouth after mouth care because it was causing great discomfort and irritation to the patient.

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However, the contribution of the members helped to improve my understanding of the health promotion principles. Incontinent is defined to be an involuntary or inappropriate passing of urine or faeces thereby having impact on social functions or hygiene of client DOH,

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Using Reflective Practice in a Leadership Course. For instance, people with dementia may feel outpaced when they see others moving or speaking. Goethals, S. P needs to do away with his dentures for sometime because of his pain, but she forced me to replace it back for two to three hours. The dignity of Mr Len must be respected and protected as a person who is born free, equal in dignity and has basic human right Amnesty international, So what? Maintaining the dignity and autonomy of older people in the healthcare setting. P had a large family and when his granddaughter in the evening to see him, she asked me immediately to replace the denture.
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