Element of drama in riders to the sea

For more information, please In the poem "Riders To The Eliot himself acknowledged the limitations of a poetic prose drama— Rain can come very peaceful and smooth.

mixture of greek and irish elements in riders to the sea

As a helpful preliminary for the study of the background of the drama and for a better understanding of the author's attitude in writing Riders to the Sea the next chapter offers a life sketch of the dramatist.

One of the elements through the story is our protagonist Maurya who has lost hope and fears the worst for her son Clugston, Distance and neutrality of its language serves as a perfect example of "less is sometimes more" as it enhances the effectiveness of the poem creating a depressed, somber and reflective mood.

riders to the sea dramatic irony

The priest is almost pitied by Maurya as a young man who doesn't really know what he is talking about and who can offer neither sound advice nor comfort, though he tries his best.

Their sense of time, of direction is determined by the sea.

riders to the sea characters

Riders to the Sea succeeds in representing human sufferings which raises pity and fear among us and makes us to decide that the play is a great one in

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Greek Elements in John Millington Synge's Riders to the Sea