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fracking in the karoo 2019

Economic impacts[ edit ] One of the major arguments in favor of hydraulic fracturing in South Africa is that it could bring much needed economic benefits to the country. The gas can only provide energy for a few decades, depending on the recoverability and size of the natural gas reserves, before it becomes depleted.

Besides the physical threats of fracking in the Karoo, there is also the real impact that any such activity would have on the sense of place. The public and the regulators have had lots of questions about the potential development of shale gas in the Karoo.

fracking in south africa 2018

South Africa is an extremely water-scarce nation. According to EPA: about just for the water.

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Water Pollution Water pollution risks and opportunities are ever-present. Dr Fiona Brown, who also farms nearby, implored Shell to use the precautionary principle. There are two real concerns with fracking in the Karoo. Lire aussi The drill is then turned sideways and continues for another few thousand metres. For example, the proven reserves of conventional gas in the Mozambique Channel are 75 tcf. According to figures from the Pennsylvania DEP Department of Environmental Protection , around truck trips are needed to transport only the water required for fracking for one well. These figures do not even take the sand, chemicals and equipment into account. While there are thousands of offshore oil platforms, the recent BP Horizon disaster provided us with a good example of just how wrong things can go. The additional water requirements for shale gas development would either need to use water from local non-potable sources, such as deep saline groundwater, or water imported from outside the region. If rights are granted, exploration activities could start within the next years, conditional on the results of site-specific environmental impact assessments. A small gas find may be one well-field, a big find may be five. Economic impacts[ edit ] One of the major arguments in favor of hydraulic fracturing in South Africa is that it could bring much needed economic benefits to the country. Not a Clue The community came to get answers, but went away with nothing.

After the repeated entreaties for Shell to drop the bid or to rather look into solar and wind energy, the last ominous word on the matter came from Tisha Greyling of Golder Associates. Each production well needs about 15 million litres of fluid to frack.

Fracking in south africa 2019

The municipality, which has just as much to lose since Somerset East depends completely on groundwater, had sent not a single representative. On 3 March , the US EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency announced that it will conduct a comprehensive research study to investigate the potential adverse impacts that hydraulic fracturing may have on water quality and public health. The deep boreholes drilled in the s revealed traces of gas, especially in the shales of the Whitehill Formation at the bottom of the Karoo geological sequence, several kilometres below the surface. What the Frack? Fracking in these circumstances had limited impact. In South Africa, the fracking process can require around 20 million litres of fresh water to frack one well. Shale gas may be cleaner burning than for example coal or oil, but depending on the life cycle emissions compared to conventional fossil fuels such as oil and coal , natural gas may be equally harmful to the atmosphere.
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