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Doe has more than 10 years of experience in the retail management industry.

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We are set to put smiles on the faces of our customers, giving them satisfactory and excellent customer services that they cannot get anywhere else around the United States.

Many economists expect that this recession will continue until mid, at which point the economy will begin a prolonged recovery period.

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The Cleaners. For each owner or key employee, you should provide a brief biography in this section. Another trend in the industry is that you will find stores that will most likely stay on top of their game if they sell a variety of candies, chewing gums, chocolates, etc from a number of manufacturers within and outside the United States, especially if they offer their products at relatively low prices compared to their competitors.

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Below are the expected financials over the next three years. The unique aspects of your plan are reflected based upon several variables including where the business is based, how the products are sourced, the pricing, and selection. The following are the products that we will offer in our ice candy store and kiosks around the country: Milk chocolates and caramels. Our products will be sourced from a variety of manufacturers within and outside the United states, and they will include a wide range of candies, chocolates, toffees, sweeties, chewing gums, etc. The tools and equipment that will be used are nearly the same cost everywhere, and any difference in prices would be minimal and can be overlooked. However, with the advent of the internet, many candy stores are now developing online ordering platforms so that people from all around the country can place orders for candy and gift baskets. Most candy stores must strike and appropriate balance between the quality of the products, pricing, and accessibility to consumers. Innovative Marketing - The Shops of Target Another exciting business venture that Target Corporation is readying to rollout is merchandise from newly formed partnerships between Target and a diverse group of companies. Doe intends on using a number of marketing strategies to ensure maximum visibility for the Candy Store. After researching this topic very thoroughly, I have found that raising the minimum wage does have its pros and cons. We know that one of the ways of gaining approval and winning customers over is to retail our wide range of candies a little bit cheaper than what is obtainable in the market and we are well prepared to survive on lower profit margin for a while. We hope to become among the leading ice candy stores in Oregon before our 3rd anniversary. Additionally, the Candy Store earns substantial margins for each sale, and despite a moderate drop in revenues, the business will be able to remain profitable and cash flow positive. People who have been concerned with the health aspects they shop at health food stores. Start — Up Expenditure Budget In setting up any business, the amount or cost will depend on the approach and scale you want to undertake.

Doe is not seeking an investment from a third party at this time. Investments for store decor and display, and initial candy inventories will depend on the planned capital investment and budgetary outlay for the business.

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Doe intends to implement marketing campaigns that will effectively target individuals within the target market. He decided that no image would better reflect the personality of this venture than that of his mother. Marketing, Advertising and Pricing Strategy There are thousands of retail stores in the United States that specialize in selling candy and nuts, especially chocolate. Choosing the Store Location In a niche retail business, store location becomes crucial because the product primarily caters to younger age groups. The popular trend is to situate your ice candy store in a place that has a great number of children. The business will also provide gift basket services throughout the year and especially during holiday seasons so that the Company can generates substantial revenues beyond the sales made in its retail location. The Accountants. Schools, estates, parks, churches, and any children gathering, are excellent places to site your ice candy store. In this section, you can also put demographic information about your target market including population size, income demographics, level of education, etc. Pappy Mammy will be owned by Mr and Mrs Sullivan. Our ultimate goal in the industry is to make considerable profits, and we will achieve this goal by conforming to all that is permitted under the law of the United States. Some stores may also offer readymade candy gift packs and candy bouquet baskets. Initial sales promotions solicited within your area will also entice consumers to try your product for the first time.

They do not intend to welcome any external business partners which is why he has decided to restrict the sourcing of the start — up capital to 3 major sources.

Finalizing the Product Offerings A candy retail store may typically include a wide range of candies, nuts, chocolates and chewing gum.

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A Sample Ice Candy Store Business Plan Template