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One of the best concerts I have ever been, it had just kicked off! However last night it was far too loud. After background checks were run, the ensemble was released from custody and continued on its way to its next show in Saint Louis, MO.

Great venue that is Troxy. Its done all 3 of our hearing in! BE Incredible set of old and new from the finest band on the planet.

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Black Emperor, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, have been stunning listeners with their dramatic sonic-scapes since After this release, the band solidified the lineup, wanting more consistency in the band dynamics.

It sounded muddy and huge but lacked the band usual dynamics.

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Amazing sound, amazing videos and images on the background. Black Emperor What people are saying about Godspeed You! Black Emperora Japanese black-and-white documentary by director Mitsuo Yanagimachiwhich follows the exploits of a Japanese biker gangthe Black Emperors.

Towards the end the heavier riffs seemed to be the most affecting. As an interesting anecdote, the band were once misconstrued as terrorists, after a gas station attendee in Ardmore, Oklahoma, US, reported them to the police.

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor announce tour dates