Hamburger model for persuasive writing

How could we change the paragraph to make it more interesting or convincing? Build upon the main point using the supporting evidence and research you've found.

pauls reasoning through a situation

Now, write down your opinion and reasons for holding this opinion. Bottom Bun: Challenge the Audience While the first sentence is important to hook the reader, the final words are just as important to leave them thinking. Provide enough evidence to help convince the reader to agree with your main point.

Decide who makes your favorite hamburger and convince me why that burger is better than any other.

hamburger paragraph template

Think of at least one reason for your point of view. In my elementary school teacher's original Hamburger Method, the main point opens and closes the essay.

Finally, they finish their top bun by listing out their three main reasons in a sentence. When developing a main point, allow your research to enhance your opinion. Are there any details that should be removed? What other possibilities are there for the arrangement? This particular prompt showed a picture of an old, abandoned house and had the students determining if the local children should be allowed to play in the house. After the students have a solid position statement, we move into our introductory paragraph nicknamed Top Bun from a hamburger model. It's the best tool for making sure your copy is strong, clear, and error-free!

You will be sharing your final paragraph with the class. It takes elements of the novel that are self-evident in the text Holden is fixated on things he loved in his childhoodand ties them to the subtext that the essay will explain Holden is not ready to enter adulthood.

The meat of the persuasive essay should include supporting evidence and research.

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How to Write a Persuasive Essay