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Ophelia's crazed characteristics show up and intensify quite rapidly, until she is ultimately led to suicide.

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Madness was a reoccurring theme in this play, two characters portrayed this more than others. Hamlet decides to portray an act of insanity, as part of his plan to murder Claudius.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Ophelia tells no one that she is "mad"; on the other hand, Hamlet shows everyone about his madness. Both Hamlet and Ophelia act very strangely.

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When Hamlet is with a trustworthy friend, he is rational and symptom-free; as soon as those persons appear, however, whom he wants to convince that he is mad, he changes his behavior so as to implant different explanations in their minds for his notic The reason for this teetering is directly related to his inability to form a solid opinion about role playing. Ophelia is one of those who believes Hamlet lost his mind, and when he does not return her love, she is so brokenhearted that she commits suicide. The definition of the word "insane" says that the person must "exhibit serious and debilitating mental disorders. Method - Hamlet: Madness vs. Madness is defined as the quality or condition of mental illness or derangement being insane. The audience knows that Hamlet is not in fact mad, since the audience sees in the play that he is actually talking to the ghost of his father. When Hamlet comes to Claudius after the play-within-a-play with the intentions of killing him, Claudius is found kneeling and apparently in prayer. Hamlet contradicts himself throughout out the play. The plan that he goes with first is to act like he is crazy or Hamlets words "As perchance to put on antic disposition. Ophelia spend her life devoutly obeying her father.

Michael Almereyda portrays Hamlet as having a great level of mental instability and hysteria. What does it mean to be insane? But thereafter he decides this, Hamlet 's actions embody someone that is truly mad. Was he mad or just pretending to be mad?

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Hamlet is also famously philosophical. Hamlet decides to portray an act of insanity, as part of his plan to murder Claudius. This leads him to spy on Hamlet, and because he could not do that right either, is killed.

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One of the possible reasons for the intense recognition of this play is the way Shakespeare uses Hamlet to illustrate the complex workings of the mind, and how one must use deception in order to deceive others to get to the truth. Finally Hamlet, who if he would have acted as the ghost instructed him to in the first place, instead of flip flopping, would have killed Claudius outright. Perhaps the world's most famous mental patient, Hamlet's sanity has been argued over by countless learned scholars for hundreds of years. Hamlet certainly displays a high degree of mania and instability throughout much of the play, but his "madness" is perhaps too purposeful and pointed for us to conclude that he actually loses his mind. He again associates this with a role, that of Nero. So this makes hi even angrier about his fathers death. He says this just after denying that words and acting are important.

O, vengeance! Nay it is.

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