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An online feature sends information to Google to decipher your handwriting to improve the recognition engine, but you can opt out of this in favor of more private local device translation.

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In addition to editing and formatting in 65 languages, you can sketch; annotate images; create editable equations; adjust type size and device orientation; organize notes in pages, notebooks, and folders; and search, store, or sync with Dropbox. It has a unique feature called multi-note that allows you to work with notes simultaneously.

Four stars because it meets those needs. It offers a super handy highlighter to let you draw a translucent line over your text.

Writing Wizard for Kids There is a lot to like in this handwriting app. Notability Sponsored Links Currently placed at the seventh position in productivity category, Notability is one of the most popular note-taking apps for iOS.

Moreover, iTrace supports multiple players and automatically saves their progress.

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