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There is no Chinese Alphabet — just thousands upon thousands of characters. They quote that the number of existing Chinese characters is actually 54, It uses 37 symbols and 4 tone marks to transcribe all of the sounds in mandarin. That's not to say there isn't a lot of work involved, only to say that it's not particularly difficult. Chapter 2 — So if there is no Chinese Alphabet, how do we start learning Chinese? The page describes how you can easily represent your English name using the Tengwar script. Some of the characters look remarkably similar also! Sometimes it gets us in the ballpark. Making words from Chinese characters you already know is easy and really fun. This character is made of two components. This is where it gets interesting. Second, and more importantly, those 50, characters are all made up of the same components. The tool will help you write you name using the ancient runic alphabets.

It logically became known as the Wade-Giles system. Here are the general requirements for each. In total there are 21 initials and 37 finals.

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Braille Generator — The tool will convert your name into Braille, a popular writing system that enables blind people to read and write through touch.

I learnt this way. It is often used to teach Standard Mandarin Chinese, which is normally written using Chinese characters. Making words from Chinese characters you already know is easy and really fun.

This system was then later polished by Herbert Allen Giles and his son Lion Giles, a British diplomat in China and a curator at the British museum respectively.

From Characters To Words First we went from components to characters.

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This rather tame dictionary includes definitions for a merecharacters! Babylon Tablets — Use this tool to write your name in the cuneiform script, the earliest known writing system in the world of the Babylonian era.

As there is no Chinese alphabet, characters can be joined together to make another word. Easy as that! One character on its own can be a word, but many words are made up of two, three or even more characters put together.

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