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And everyone shared the same goal of putting together the best team possible to compete at the Olympics. Another criticism against Brooks coaching is he did not pick the best players at the time. Starting from his failure each event led him to the team beating the Soviets. Operational leadership can be represented by how Brooks was able to coach the players with an average age of 22 in a way that would prepare them to face the best and much more experienced teams in the world. The U. Both of these were considered great accomplishments but neither of them resulted in a gold medal for USA. Not tonight…. Brooks was inducted into the U. His speech before his players hit the ice to face the Russians proved this to be true. A coach is only able to give a player the tools and weapons that that player would need in the line of battle which is referring to the particular sport. Once the players saw themselves not as individuals but as families, they performed on the ice to the best of their ability.

Herb Brooks tried out for the Olympic hockey team in but was actually the last man cut off of the team. Herb Brooks pushed his players because he believed they had greatness within them very similar to how Ella Baker lead her followers during the civil rights movement.

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Till the final match, Herb Brooks kept pushing his players to give their best. One game. Brooks left out some of the best players in the U. Finding a way to adapt and to change is what Brooks was able to implement into his life and because of it, even though Brooks played a different role as a coach as opposed to a player, he was still able to reach his goal of winning a gold medal in the Olympics. Herb works hard to push his team from storming to norming- the next phase in group evolution. Being able to adapt to change is important, especially now with the poor economy and the high rate of unemployment, anything that you as an employee or employer can do to better yourself and the organization is well worth it. Herb puts noses out of joint by selecting the squad himself without even consulting the committee. Starting from his failure each event led him to the team beating the Soviets.

For example, after a disappointing exhibition game, he put them back on the ice for a torturous practice session. Even though Brooks was a captain of the US Olympic hockey team that was not his calling. His own journey and hands-on experience helped him to select and train his team in the right way.

This experience as well as his love for the game shaped him into the coach, leader, and American hero that he became in Miracle is a sports movie based on the true story about the United States men's ice hockey team, led by head coach Herb Brooks in Miracle is a film that not only chronicles the performance of a gold medal Olympic hockey team, it also goes in depth into the coaching styles, the relationships, and the hard work, and the team chemistry that it takes to win an Olympic gold medal.

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Herb Brooks managed to make the impossible possible and was able to make history by taking a group of college kids and putting them up against the best teams in the world. Screw them.

Herb brooks good leadership can

The movie portrays and actually gives a great example of how Brooks was able to implement contextual leadership with his team during the winter Olympics. He not only looked for a group of talented hockey players from Boston and Minnesota, he looked for a team. Obviously the coach is the backbone and is the source for making the decisions but the coach is not able to go out and get the job done by his self or herself. He made sure that 20 young players from different backgrounds, stood as one. Some people are born with leadership skills but I believe it is something that can be learned and applied practically if one is willing to go the distance. He states in the opening scene that he wants to win a gold medal and he seems to stop at nothing to get there. However, there was so much more to him than that glorious moment at Lake Placid. The camaraderie on the team was building and their performance was improving. This immediately puts them on the defensive knowing that they will be competing with each other for the final roster slots. The norming phase was marked by teamwork and can-do attitudes. Create a chance to believe A few times, we dream big, and a very few times, we achieve our big dreams. Anyone who is able to inspire, bring people together and motivate them to give all that they have got deserves to be called a leader.

But he inspired confidence in his team by presenting a credible game plan for beating competition and showing full faith that his team can win, if they work hard enough.

We stopped dreaming.

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