Hipaa compliance essay

The initiative for HIE is being driven by meaningful use requirements, coordination needs for new payment approaches, and federal financial incentives The Privacy Rule also allows patients to designate which individuals are permitted to obtain their health data on behalf of patients — friends, family, or caregivers for instance.

In other words, this federal law gives each individual the right to their own health records, which sets rules on who can review these records and who cannot.

Patients are also given control over who their information is released to and who it is shared with. If anything should be done, then the federal government are the ones to offer it.

HIPAA introduced a number of important benefits for the healthcare industry to help with the transition from paper records to electronic copies of health information. The Secretary investigates all complaints that are filed and then reports its findings to the facility and its complainant.

Informed consent is the cornerstone for this view. MSI, 19 11 Category 1 states that the violator was unaware of and could not avoid making the violation. This may seem blatantly obvious, but it is something many of the healthcare organizations continue to wonder about.

the importance of hipaa essay

By creating procedures to follow when storing and transferring information electronically, it educated many on how patient information was really being handled. World Health Organization, This rule also applies to the apps that run on these devices and connect to covered entities.

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