How to write a cv in microsoft word

I see a lot of candidates who have really messy page transitions like this one below which has a really bad effect on your CV formatting. How to add links to my experiences and new sections?

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Reviewing their templates is a useful way to get a sense of how to format and what information to include on your CV. In other words, make sure that the new section is parallel to the other sections. If you send your CV in a non-editable format such as PDF then you run the risk of slowing down the process when edits are needed - while the recruiter is chasing you up for an editable version of your CV, other candidates could be beating you to the post.

how to write a cv in microsoft word

Templates also show you what you need to include in your CV, such as what information to put in each section, and what kind of language to use. It's compatible: Some companies will not have the relevant software to open files like.

It's a document that enables potential employers to learn basic facts about you and your job related experience, achievements, skills, and education.

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