How to write a menu on a chalkboard

Look for shapes you like, not complex art. Disadvantages Chalk produces dust, which some people find uncomfortable or may be allergic to it. Clean board with a wet rag. Decorative Chalkboards can truly add a festive personal touch to your surroundings. You can draw a faint line down the board to help guide you and erase it later with a Q-Tip.

chalkboard writing alphabet

In here, we discuss the pros and cons of chalkboards. I wanted to re-learn how to draw on a chalkboard decoratively without being an artist.

Flowers, fonts, basic shapes are good images to start with. With a little practice and a few imaginative ideas you too, will be on your way to creating fun and festive chalkboards to use for entertaining or to add some of your personality when decorating your home.

Some chalkboards are made of black plastic sign material, but the highest grade chalkboards are made of a rougher version of porcelain enamel steel, and this usually come in various colors. Use a ruler to make straight lines if needed.

Make a border — I used a square at each corner and double lines. Ghosting is when you draw on a chalkboard and after it is erased — you still see the images, but in black. It is a party for linking up a project that you completed that you have been itching to do since you pinned it to a board on Pinterest.

Whiteboards are the norm these days, and all to the better, for most people, if only for their lack of screeching.

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