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It chronicles two top Disney animators' impressions on how the Disney studio studied and codified its approach to animated film in the s, which is almost certainly the most formative period of the medium. Sep 17, Nina Harp rated it really liked it I took this book up mainly because of the writers themselves, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, founding fathers of hand drawn animation. Loved it very much. Although this book is not a quick read, it doesn't make it a dull book by any means. The discs are feature rich and have documentaries that are a great compliment to this book. Disney Animated , a Touchpress iPad app. He had a regular animated feature called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in , only to lose rights to it in The First Edition of the book led to subsequent versions—both of lesser quality, one with a subtle name change. They go through each of the different departments, explaining what they contribute to a picture.

Bambi Two-Disc Platinum Edition, was a joint effort of the pair, who remained good friends all their lives. I am really looking forward to Pinocchio next month.

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In an minute feature, this isdrawings. Animation is wonderful trickery of the eye and mind. Each frame has several drawings, with principal figures, foreground and background.

They set up a list of basic animation principles and focus on each one in turn.

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Bambi, The heroine sings at the wishing well, Snow White, From a bibliophilic point of view, its Abbeville First Edition is the most desirable.

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