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Image Source Subscribers: 32, Tara Efobi is an undergraduate student at Iowa State University about to earn her BS in creative and technical design, who publishes YouTube videos about sustainable and minimalist fashion, cruelty-free beauty and vegetarianism in college. For example, LinkedIn is where business professionals hang out so-to-speak, which makes it a good platform if your website is business orientated. Then we proceed to put together a perfect program on how to approach your project. We maintain high quality supreme performance standards and long term mutually beneficial relationships with our well seasoned professional crews, as well as our valued customers. Kristee Vetter aka StrawberryElectric48 Chapman University senior Kristee Vetter has started a second YouTube channel in addition to the original called MoreKristee where she vlogs and lets her sarcastic nature fly. Unsurprisingly, Simon frequently publishes videos on YouTube about physics, climate and studying more frequently than any other YouTuber on this list. Laurie Lo Laurie Lo writes helpful descriptions for her lifestyle and advice videos that links to other videos of hers that relate to the current topic.

If you only want people to see the site, and you want it to happen sooner rather than later, try focusing on social media. His vlog subjects range from dorm room tours and a day in the life of a college student to how to party at a small college and skateboarding around campus.

Luckily for those of us glued to our smartphones, a number of young adults have taken to YouTube to document and offer advice about their college experiences, helping high school graduates head off to college knowing what to expect, what not to bring, how to tackle finals and so on.

SimonOxfPhys For those looking to take their education beyond the undergraduate level, SimonOxfPhys offers an entertaining look into the life of a PhD student in England. His YouTube videos, in my opinion, are the most helpful and well-thought-out on this list, and their lengths range from 2.

Her newer videos, which are posted on YouTube every Monday and Friday, cover topics like staying healthy in college, how to grocery shop as a vegetarian and how to dress for sorority recruitment. Her lifestyle, fashion and beauty videos are abundant and fabulously descriptive.

We then compared these YouTubers to other college advice vlogs, looking at factors like the number of subscribers, views, post frequency, video length and subject matter that are current and available at the time of writing this article.

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Orly Alexandra Orly Alexandra of Chapman University keeps her college, lifestyle and beauty vlogs simple, but offers good musical backgrounds and a bubbly personality. Although his most recent post was nine months ago, his lifestyle and College YouTube videos offer great advice and his personal experience with things like choosing a major, studying for finals and learning how to cook. Why talk about college? The Owners Jesse and Emilio Frausto are brothers, who were both born and raised in the asphalt parking lot maintenance industry. I learned that organization is key, on my Google calendar I always have all the events and things that I need to do. We provide solutions for all. Before we start I would like to congratulate you on reaching , subscribers on your channel.

She is passionate about the YouTube videos she posts two to four times a month, utilizing the written description space of each video to explain, outline and expand on the information she offers in the vlog.

It literally comes down to what you need the traffic for.

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Which One Is Better? We give you the most value of your budget, while maintaining optimum flow of the businesses and tenant parking lot needs while on your properties. Unfortunately, it takes more than just showing up and posting.

When combining the ease of use and the potential for big viral posts, social media is a good choice for visibility. Image Source Subscribers:A recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel hill with a degree in video production and media entrepreneurship, Morgan Yates creates college, lifestyle and fashion videos on YouTube that have reaped over 1.

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