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This stream of new issues and highly charged situations lowers the margin of error for those in charge. If you promote your own agenda when at odds with your boss, you are telling your team it is OK to do that when they are at odds with you. Take an IQ test. Practicing Lean management principles requires a shift in mindset: from that of a supervisor, to that of a teacher and coach. Good luck! Too often the barriers that create interruptions and waste in the process are determined at a higher level. It is important to cultivate these leadership expectations by institutionalizing them in the HR practices for leader development.

To facilitate the necessary Lean environment, you need to be part of the team, not a figure above it. But without a destination in mind, people tend to drift aimlessly.

Lean leadership

Your leadership role is to allow each person to learn and experiment. At the end of the training period, participants have to pass a test.

Lean leaders must lead gently, by example, ensuring that Lean principles are being applied with the right goal in mind: To sustainably maximize the delivery of value to the customer. The absence of this alignment creates friction, and friction is waste… not lean!

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Continuous improvement is not only about the production line. The Lean Leader needs to possess a daily mantra of Simplify and develop an eye for finding waste.

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Part of that effort also involves increasing the speed of value delivery. Having a student to coach keeps a leader focused and makes them scrutinize their own leadership style. A true lean leader is value-driven and puts the needs of the customer in the first place. Instead, a true lean leader must ask clarifying questions that will either help her understand the idea further or allow the person giving it to reach your conclusion by himself. But without a destination in mind, people tend to drift aimlessly. Talking about the importance of teamwork may feel like a cliche but without it, even the most highly-motivated and skilled people will be just individuals who are extremely good at what they do but are not necessarily looking in the same direction. As a result, people often make bad decisions about what they should attempt on their own and what they should get help with. A key Lean principle charges individuals, teams, and organizations to limit their WIP Work in Process to eliminate context switching, scope creep, and other wastes associated with a lack of focus. Daniel T. WIP Limits and The Role of Kanban in Lean Management Understanding current WIP is one of the key Lean management tools, because it empowers Lean leaders with the ability to see where their guidance is needed most — for example, where work is piling up, where a process could be automated, or where more of a specific skillset is needed in order to keep work flowing through the system. Leaders need to spend less time in the office or conference room and more time at the real touch points impacting the customer and the employees. What kind of support do I receive through the certification program?

Lean thinking is fundamentally transforming the way organizations operate.

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Lean Leadership and Lean Culture