Marriage and aunt jennifer

is the society in any way affected by aunt jennifers death

What are the examples in the poem that suggest that Aunt Jennifer found her life a great challenge? Aunt Jennifer has led a much suppressed life and probably has faced a lot of hardships and difficulties.

Explain the difference between the two contexts. Do you sympathize with Aunt Jennifer? Explain massive weight of Uncles wedding band. The tiger she creates do not fear the men the aunt places under same tree in her tapestry. The reality is bitter, she is tamed wife.

Aunt jennifers tiger summary beaming notes

The freedom that she dreams of through her art is itself symbolic of her oppressed self. The tigers, made by Aunt Jennifer on the screen, are jumping and playing about without any fear of the men beneath the tree. Her hands are heavy with the weight of the wedding ring which symbolizes the hardships and difficulties of her married life. The poem is narrated by a relative of Aunt Jennifer who recognizes her internal conflict and takes a pitying tone in her portrayal. Firstly ringed signifies the bond of marriage between a man and a woman. How is the contrast between the two brought out? They are fearless. Works Cited Hub-Pages. She cannot resist uncles torturephysical or mental. It is more because of her nervousness than physical weakness that she is unable to pull the ivory needles. Beneath — below; directly under 5. Repetition of the prance in the poem enabled the poet to emphasize on the freedom of the tigers. It is due to her wedding.

The tigers are free and symbolize Jennifers own longing to be free and powerful. It seems that she creates a happier looking world than the one she lives in.

aunt jennifers tigers

Aunt Jennifer is tied down by the constraints of married life. There's a push-and-pull effect in this poem between the freedom of the tigers and the limitations of the wedding band.

Aunt jennifers tigers symbolism

In her artwork Jennifer imagines the kind of life she would have liked. In the final stanza, Aunt Jennifer is contrasted again with her tigers, this time posthumously. How do the tigers made by Aunt Jennifer look like? How would you describe Aunt Jennifer? The poet is probably suggesting that art may be an instrument of release for women who are trapped in an oppressive society. What are the characteristics of the tiger that lend a contrast to the Aunt? Fearlessness and ferocity of the tigers are highlighted here. What are the examples in the poem that suggest that Aunt Jennifer found her life a great challenge? The wedding band symbolizes the ordeals of married life.

The tiger is shown as a bold, powerful, bright, independent, free which metaphorically shows her innermost dream of being the same.

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'' Aunt Jennifer's Tigers'‘By Adrienne Rich , Summary & analysis.