Natural disasters throughout south america

Most data is derived from disasters occurring during the 20th century and include number of events, people killed, people affected, and U.

Mikesell eds.

natural disasters in latin america statistics

It can take thousands of years or even longer for these events to happen again. For example, about 67, deaths are attributed to the Peru earthquake, but perhaps one third of these deaths were caused by the large landslide from Nevado Huascaran.

The tsunami from the Chile earthquake killed Chileans as well as residents of Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines.

recent natural disasters in latin america

Chapman eds. Historical records indicate that the previous fault ruptures in the area of the earthquake occurred inandalthough only the earthquake seems to have been of the same size as the event in Hurricane Maria Instagram: roadsandkingdoms Not long ago on September 20th,Hurricane Maria brutally charged through Puerto Rico and left behind a massive death toll that climbed to 3,

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