Not teaching cursive writing anymore

Gayna Scott, a leader of the campaign, said cursive was a surprisingly charged topic, both emotionally and politically. Cursive is a lost art form More and more school districts are cutting art from their budgets. He said it also taught students to read prominent historical texts.

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The original document, distributed around the world, looks like this: Yep: the original Declaration was typeset — under the direct supervision of Thomas Jefferson, in fact. I was surprised to see my journal written all in cursive handwriting, a seemingly dying art form for the written word.

Reinforces learning When students are taught the English language in only one form, print writing, they get only one chance to learn and memorize the letters. And beginning this fall, second graders in Texas will learn cursive, and will be required to know how to write it legibly by third grade.

True, but I think one can learn to read such things without spending hundreds of hours learning to write an obsolete script oneself.

5 reasons why cursive should not be taught in schools

Although the students barely touched the new workbooks, she said, she still had to give them a handwriting grade. Last year, elementary schools in Illinois were required to offer at least one class on cursive. Not in cursive. You can find out more by visiting meganwoolsey. With computers emerging as the primary source for writing, many administrators feel teaching cursive writing is not necessary and believe the time would be better spent teaching keyboard skills.

The history of society is intertwined with the history of script.

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One fascinating point that has been made in favor of teaching cursive is that the Constitution of the United States is written in English so perhaps people whose brains have been bogged down in typeface and fonts will not even be able to read the Constitution document that is written in cursive.

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Why Are We Still Teaching Cursive In Schools?