Object oriented programming and java statement

object oriented programming concepts

You are dealing with high-level concepts and abstractions. In this, a reference variable is used to call an overridden method of a superclass at run time.

Also, an abstract class can contain abstract as well as concrete methods. Notice that composition and aggregation represent another aspect of encapsulation. It contains the following members: 3 private instance variables day, month, and year.

In a constructor, we can use this It inherits all of its fields and methods, plus defines two extra fields that belong only to Eagle. The Student Class Student. A final instance cannot be re-assigned a new object.

The Date Class Date.

object oriented paradigm in java

Encapsulation in Java: Restricts direct access to data members fields of a class. Class name: A variable name is a noun, denoting an attribute; while a method name is a verb, denoting an action. Making application code modular by separating out functional units makes it easier to update and maintain the source code.

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Important terminology: Super Class: The class whose features are inherited is known as superclass or a base class or a parent class.

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Object Oriented Programming in Java