Pupils norms of behavior

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The pupil who misbehaved has the right to bring round any adult from the school community, who would perform functions of an intercessor. At some schools of the USA consultative program of contemporaries is implemented George et al. Adults are mentors in this process. The practice when adults perform the role of consultants and work individually is widespread George et al.

The sample of the research — non-purposeful, it consisted of respondents from four schools in Lithuania: teenagers and teachers. That is why work conditions at secondary schools are more complicated than at elementary schools.

The criteria of personnel activity distribution due to behaviour control at school and regulation of behaviour control were chosen. According to the pupils, too great making noise during lessons Regardless of their level of specificity, class norms need to be developed jointly by the instructional team and students.

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The analysis of behaviour control practice enables the statement that the prevention of undesired behaviour at school must be long-term and well organised, the most effective condition of preventive program or model implementation —involvement of entire school community into unified activity, having identified the factors, which diminish manifestation of problematic behaviour, and having applied them for creation of strategies of behaviour control.

Norms may be written at either a general or specific level.

Pupils norms of behavior
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Factors Associated with Disruptive Behaviour in the Classroom.