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We are not recommending that all students be prepared for nonresearch careers. If the selected field aligns with the research interests of a professor, the student might have an exciting and educationally enriching chance to work as an assistant on a path-breaking research team; this can enrich the student's educational experience immeasurably and can provide fresh ideas and energy to the research team as well.

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In contrast, your application letter should show how exactly your background makes you a good fit for a particular position.

For graduate students who maintain membership, it offers overviews of the employment market throughout their student careers. A number of universities have set up innovative programs designed to promote interactions between academe and industry.

Students should be encouraged to do apprentice work in a variety of areas to understand the full range of employment options and the work culture of industry.

He shall not be entitled to any benefit whatsoever unless such benefit shall be given voluntarily by your company. Most federal support for students is provided through research assistantships. For such positions, if students become overspecialized in graduate school, they can later suffer from an inability to recognize and enter newly emerging kinds of research.

Second, much better information should be routinely provided to students and their advisers so that students can make more realistic career decisions than is now practical.

Recommendation letter for ojt
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