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The Commission of Parks and Wildlife now Biodiversity Management Bureau managed the site upon its establishment as a protected area.

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The Spanish authorities anticipated the danger posed by the settlements that immediately surrounded Intramuros in terms of external attacks, yet Church officials advocated for these villages to remain. Prior to the park, the marshy land was the location of a small town called Nuevo Barrio New Town or Bagumbayan in Tagalog language that dates back to This is because unlike what we see today, Rizal Park was abandoned and unkempt due to the lack of budget and concern from the government. Thankfully, in , things took a turn for the better when the NDPC National Parks Development Committee addressed the matter and called for the renovation and beautification of the once abandoned park, making it as popular and glorious as it is today. The park was once neglected and avoided by people. Evening light-and-sound presentations dedicated to Rizal usually take place here but are suspended indefinitely. In , Pope John Paul II also concluded his trip to the country via a Mass in the same venue, and gathered a record-breaking number of attendees.

Vital parts of the park have been named after his prized works, such as the Plaza Noli Me Tangere which houses an old-world fountain donated by citizens of a German town called Wilhelmsfeld, where Rizal used to live when he was attending ophthalmology lectures at the Heidelberg University Eye Clinic.

Prior to the park, the marshy land was the location of a small town called Nuevo Barrio New Town or Bagumbayan in Tagalog language that dates back to Several professional photographers have made their assumptions, but none of them have been verified so far.

Park layout[ edit ] Panorama of the park along Roxas Boulevard The park is divided into three sections beginning with the hectare acre Agrifina Circle adjoining Taft Avenuewhere the Department of Tourism and the National Museum of Anthropology formerly the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Finance respectively are located, is the Northeastern section; followed by the hectare acre park proper that extends down to Roxas Boulevard is the Central Section; and terminating at Southwestern section which includes Burnham Green, a hectare acre open field, the Quirino Grandstand and the Manila Ocean Park along Manila Bay.

Although the spot where Rizal was shot is known to many you can pay a small fee to be given access to the area where it happenedit is still unclear where the photographer who captured the exact scene was standing when the photo was taken.

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This plaza was arranged with paths and lawns and surrounded by a wide driveway called "La Calzada" The Road where carriages circulate. The committee that launched the idea of having a dedicated monument for Rizal held an international competition from to that brought in interesting entries from various parts of the world.

Located on the monument is not merely the statue of Rizal, but also his remains. These two buildings were completed before the Second World War.

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This is why the processions of January 9 have begun there in the park beginning in Rizal Park is considered as the largest urban park in Asia, and has also been a venue of various attempts to break world records. The park is the traditional end of the Marlboro Tour now known as the Tour de Filipinas , the national road bicycle racing event every April or May. Government buildings will have Neo-classical edifices with Greco-Roman columns. According to an article by the Los Angeles Times, the expected minute travel time from the Apostolic Nunciature his residence in Manila to the altar in Rizal Park lasted 1 hour and 41 minutes due to the crowd. It houses the tallest flagpole in the country. The event was mostly attended by the youth. The concluding mass of the Papal visit of Pope Francis was held here attended by more than 6 million people, making it the largest papal gathering in history. The monument depicts Dr. The Rizal Monument was commissioned internationally.
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