Scientific education essay

Like our great heroes said "Education is the most important in our life. Research in science education relies on a wide variety of methodologies, borrowed from many branches of science and engineering such as computer science, cognitive science, cognitive psychology and anthropology.

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As I already said, I was really put off at school by the way science was taught. There is no substitute to a good time-lapse video of cells dividing if one were to be studying that, or bacteria growing.

In September a new science program of study known as 21st Century Science was introduced as a GCSE option in UK schools, designed to "give all 14 to 16 year old's a worthwhile and inspiring experience of science".

In fact,the whole structure of our civilization rests on scientific knowledge. There are many more people who are uneducated especially women. Specific hands-on illustrations of this approach are available.

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Science education