Sewing projects for men

One semester of home economics. With a basic zipper, this project is super-easy to make, even if you're not the most experienced sewist. I made a nylon sheath for my lock-blade knife.

Handmade gifts for men

Check out this easy sewing tutorial to learn how to make an apron that your husband will love. By using simple materials you'll find around your house you can create a personalized case to store a cell phone or an ipod. Make them extra nice by adding pockets and drawstring waist. Unfortunately, the machine is a bit more complex than what I had been using before. I made a nylon sheath for my lock-blade knife. Other kits or bags Make a tool roll or tool bag , a cord roll , a battery bandolier organizer, a monogrammed suede bag for his liquor bottle if he carries one to go, a shoe bag for travel. I made one with a patchwork dive flag and ocean blue fabrics for my diver dad. Each one makes for a useful gift so Dad won't be tossing it aside but will be using it in his everyday life. I also learned how to MAKE things with needle and thread. Leather Patch Scarf It's difficult shopping for men, so instead make him something he'll love.

Or make something else useful to hang hang on his keychain, like a chapstick cozy or earbud or iphone pouch. This fabric is perfect for lining his ukulele case. You can make him a Vintage Gun Sleeve by following this easy sewing tutorial.

It's a manly scarf that he can wear in the winter to keep warm and show off some style. One semester of wood shop.

things to sew for your boyfriend

For something with a strap, make him a messenger style bag to fit his laptop. Manly Coffee Cozy Make your man a manly coffee cozy with felt tire tracks on it.

sewing projects for boyfriend

There were a few other sewing projects that weren't very masculine, as well. So, I turn to Instructables for help. Keychain Lanyard type key fobs make useful gifts. You can make them with webbing, leather, even recycled jean denim. Let the Golf Towel Tutorial show you how to make this simple towel craft.

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Sewing Projects for MEN!