Should the drinking age be 18

High school students can also be forced to take an invasive blood test simply for being at a football game when a beer can was found under the bleachers.

The problem with the arguments for lowering the legal drinking age is it is simply not in the best interest of the public's safety to do so.

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Prohibition did not work then and prohibition for young people under the age of 21 is not working now. Such an approach makes no allowance for human judgment or discretion, for a consideration of the unique circumstances that surround every incident that ultimately becomes another impersonal piece of data.

The drinking age does not address the dangers of alcohol for the most vulnerable population: older drinkers.

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These deaths include about 1, homicides and suicides. We don't hand teenagers car keys without first educating them about how to drive.

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This education should include the legal, ethical and health consequences of abusing alcohol. The illegal aspect encouraged me away from any controlled settings like bars and restaurants, and forced me to drink and have parties wherever and whenever we could find a secret and often unsafe location woods at night, abandoned houses, haunted mansions, frat parties, etc. More people would legally be able to drink in bars, restaurants, and other licensed establishments. Board members must commit to attending monthly meetings during the school year in Walnut Creek or Oakland and to writing occasional stories and columns for the paper and online. The presidents of colleges have called for lowering the drinking age from 21 [see Amethyst Initiative above]. Most proponents for a lower minimum age immediately point to Europe as an example, where the drinking age is lower than 21 almost everywhere. Further, any life-saving effect in those states that first raised the drinking age was only temporary, occurring largely in the first year or two after switching to the MLDA Older youth and adults may furnish alcoholic beverages to minors less frequently, and licensed alcohol outlets may sell to minors less frequently, because of their perceptions that it is illegal, morally wrong, or because they might be caught. These new psychological risk factors may help to explain why middle age often marks the onset of alcoholism , along with a large spike in deaths from alcohol poisoning. Because the the 21 year old drinking age law is not working, and is counterproductive, it behooves us as a nation to change our current prohibition law and to teach responsible drinking techniques for those who chose to consume alcoholic beverages. There is honor is serving in the military but, little honor in being drunk. Drinking is no more deadly for young people than for anyone else. Groups such as Italians, Greeks, Chinese and Jews, who have few drinking related problems, tend to share some common characteristics. Senate at age 30, and run for President at age

Even if we arrested ten times as many people as we do now which would be extremely difficult and expensiveit would still not be enough to deter underage drinking. There are a number of arguments against the year minimum age.

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Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?