Simple essay on health and fitness

Simple essay on health and fitness

I personally don't know one person in this world that longs to be fat and out of shape. Get Essay Past these days when physical exercises were meant for people who are serving in the armed forces or the people those who are having physically demanding jobs. For getting more health benefits, we need to increase our moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity up to 5 hours or vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity up to 2. Our neighbourhoods have seen a mushrooming of gymnasiums and spas. It is very important that we maintain our health and fitness so that we can stay healthy, fit, without fear of different diseases and also get all of the numerous benefits that come along with a healthy living. Why should we take care of our health? Paffenbarger et al. Knowing how to fight is not an aspect of health and fitness. All this will not only maintain your health and fitness but also improve your lifestyle. Fitness for Life helped me be a healthier person.

Conclusion: Regular physical activities and routine exercise is very necessary for the people of all age group especially younger generations. It gives us mental peace and health with improved memory power and concentration level.

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Health and fitness can also go a long way in helping us live a live that is free of disease and stress. All this will not only maintain your health and fitness but also improve your lifestyle. Health is a level of our functional and physical effects of the entire living organism. Taking quality sleep of eight hours each night boosts our immune system and helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases as well as improves mood. Our muscles tend to contract if we do not make good use of them. Our health is the totality of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. There is one statement stated by Gautam Buddha i. Having less cholesterol in the body reduces the chances of developing high blood pressure. While exercise is good for the brain as well as body, meditation too is helpful for both.

This lowers the levels of health and fitness of our body and we are prone to a number of diseases. If health is well then we can face any problems easily.

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This occurs at all times, both rest and during intense work, within mammals. Calming the body and mind helps you to solve the problems in a better and relaxed way. Regular physical exercises help in maintaining the performance of lungs, heart and other major body organs. It is advised that we get about eight hours of sleep every night as this can help in boosting the immune system. People who maintain their ideal weight become less prone to the cardiac and other health problems. I would love to hear from you and read your comments on this article. It helps us in decreasing the risk of getting diseases like breast cancer, stroke, obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. Importance of Food in Health and Fitness: Food plays a vital role in maintaining health and fitness of our body. Additionally apart from walking and exercises, it is also important to relax our body. Our body absorbs nutrients from the food we eat. This starts to affect our lives negatively and can lead to some severe problems. Physically and mentally fit people become less prone to the medical conditions. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates! Healthy and clean food in right amount and at right time is very necessary for a person to stay healthy and fit.

Safety and self-defense is influenced by health and fitness. All this will not only maintain your health and fitness but also improve your lifestyle.

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It is proved with studies that people who are more fit and healthy achieve greater success in life. Health and Fitness Essay 6 words Introduction Health and fitness is the state of being healthy both, physically and mentally. There was nothing written over it, and you started to form ideas and thoughts based upon your experiences of this world and the people around you. This form of mental exercise is not only for the elderly. Physical fitness means the condition of being physically healthy, especially exercises and proper nutrition it even includes being mentally healthy. There are many benefits of maintaining health and fitness of the body, like it lowers the risk of diseases like heart attack, high BP, obesity, and stroke; increases longevity of life, reduces stress, provides better quality of life and many others. Always set goals for what you want to improve. Logging work out sessions, what exercises were conducted, what weights were used, what distances where traveled, and more is a key component of tracking your progress. I personally don't know one person in this world that longs to be fat and out of shape. By maintaining our proper health we can gain more stamina, which will help increase the productivity in our office work and students can concentrate more on their studies. Physical exercise also has many mental benefits.

But I did not understand that it was so much more than a gym class. For example, doing cross word puzzles, calculating sums in the head, learning a new word every day etc. This will help you in being both mentally and bodily fit to some extent.

Similarly, if we are healthy we shall naturally be attracted towards maintaining the fitness of our body. In earlier days people like our grandparents have kept good care of their health and fitness through healthy food and by leading a better lifestyle.

Health and fitness of any person helps in: Decreases the risk of diseases high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, colon cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, stroke, breast cancer, etc.

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Process layout—similar equipment or functions are grouped together, such as rowing machines in one area, and weight machines in another. It means that our fitness levels are not in accordance with our age and the climatic conditions we live in.

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Health and Fitness Essay