Singapore airlines social media case study

singapore airlines strategy analysis

This campaign was expected to help the airline move away from its traditional central idea of the Singapore Girl to its exceptional service commitments.

The specific teaching objectives of the case are to: 1 Understand the various brand management practices at Singapore Airlines and how the brand was built and maintained over the years. These factors have stayed within the company acting as the core and since then, it has shown to serve the airline very well, allowing them to overcome any challenges.

singapore airlines competitive advantage

In fact, the company has won the most awards, compared to any other aline. On the other hand, SIA was the first airline which developed a plan, idea, or strategy to implement in-flight entertainment system in its selected aircrafts. The essence of the Singapore Girl and her gentle, caring ways remain especially relevant today.

Johnson, S.

singapore airlines branding strategy

Using this as motivational factor, it led and brings Singapore Airlines competitive spirit to an incomparable level and also the dedication to make a good branding of Singapore Airline be better than every service sector.

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Brand Management at Singapore Airlines