Six sources of conflict

The typical perception is not understanding or attempting to understand the contributions of the party, failing to defer to the other party may be because of their status or rankor failing to involve the other party may be because of status or rank in a process.

Conflict can occur between employees, committee members, ordinary members, volunteers, clients or the community.

sources of conflict in society

The cure: Swift communication and ongoing review of policies and procedures. When employees become stressed and have a hard time maintaining work-life balance, they are more likely to engage in conflicts.

A dream with a plan is a goal. In this case, the best thing you can do is to discuss these aspects with your employees and encourage healthy debate. Try to help people identify the causes of work related stress, and take steps to change these factors or, better still, try to anticipate possible causes of stress before they arise.

Size Up Policies and Pressures Conflicting policies can create unrest in the workplace when employees are unaware that they've been enacted, or — sometimes worse — don't have a clue as to why policies have been adopted.

10 causes of conflict in the workplace

Is the solution above a good approach for your conflict?

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