Social media analysis strategy

Social media analysis strategy

What about native social media data analysis tools? Consider any combination of the following as you put together the content piece of your social media marketing plan.

Custom dashboards — build your own dashboards and watch all your accounts and those of your competitors. Conducting a SWOT analysis will enable you to take a good look at your company, distinguish yourself and carve a niche wherein you can successfully compete.

Look up your most valuable keywords, phrases and industry terms to see who shows up.

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Why perform a social media competitive analysis? To get value from data and social media, you need to be able to connect and correlate your activities.

Social media analytics examples

Look up your most valuable keywords, phrases and industry terms to see who shows up. Watch time report — detailed breakdown of audience behavior and activity when watching a video. There's also detailed information about your followers including language, interests, household income, buying habits, and more. So how do you stand out? How much traffic are you getting? I spend ages trying to identify impact on sales and conversions. Downloadable reports — share reports across your company, so everyone is on the same page. Yes, this makes seriously tempting to choose an all-in-one solution but, as technology research specialists Forrester point out , it's risky. Hard to know unless you keep an eye out. Smart data needs to lead to smart decisions.

Of course, you need to know who your competitors are before you start stressing over content creation.

You may want to treat your most loyal customers to something special: sometimes even something as simple as posting a picture of their pet in your news feed can make them happy. Most repinned — you can choose either one specific day, the last seven days, or the last 14 days.

how to do a social media analysis
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How to Conduct a Social Media Analysis in 7 Steps