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On the other hand, political chaos causes economic instability and can lead to disruption of supply chain and sales and distribution network. In , Starbucks collaborated with Duracell Powermat to roll out wireless charging in its UK stores, thereby adding to the customer experience and bringing digital innovation into its stores. Starbucks is highly cautious about doing business sustainably and playing an accountable role in the society and community. Local coffee chains with strong heritage or those who position themselves as gourmet and unique can easily replicate the experience through offering superior products. The Seattle company opened its first shop in , and all these years later, the coffee giant is still brewing up addictive drinks and venti-sized controversy across the globe. The level of fines for violations have also increased and the stance taken by EU is particularly ver strict. Interiors of stores are continuously spruced up through clever and artistically appealing ways of using definite materials, lighting arrangements etc. Starbucks can acquire other smaller food and beverage brands and grow its product portfolio and business. Changing the pricing strategy can result in brand dilution. In , it started stocking selections from Oprah's Book Club, which nobody bought. The company operates with a strong sense of attention towards details, and replicating a consistent customer experience across all its stores and its products is a critical focus area.

It needs high quality cocoa for preparing coffee which it sources from around the world. The global expansion of Starbucks has been rapid and strategic. Premium pricing has its potential pitfalls in many markets due to the following reasons: Only a specific sub-segment of the population can be the target market, which in many instances can be very small or niche Younger age groups, who would tend to display behavioral patterns that match the external coffee-drinking, spending time with friends etc.

However, Starbucks ended its online store operations in Sociocultural factors are affecting various dimension of business including their sales and marketing as well as supply chain management.

Starbucks store image analysis

High operating expenses: The operating expenses of Starbucks have kept growing higher. The hope is that brand-averse hipsters will ignore the obvious Starbuckiness of the new store and concentrate on the new wine and beer selection inspired by Victrola. To consolidate in such markets, having a differentiated food offering in its stores will be critical for Starbucks. Innovation and operational efficiency would be the bedrock for Starbucks to continue to gain success internationally and also in existing markets. Founded in in the city of Seattle, USA, the brand has changed the way the world drinks coffee outside home and work. Given such a nature of innovation, it is a fundamental building block of iconic brands. In and , as millions of Starbucks customers lost their latte money — and their homes, cars and first born children — to the recession, the coffee giant was forced to shrink just a tad. Constant need for innovation: The Starbucks My Product Idea portal is a nice start, but Starbucks needs to have a strong innovation strategy in place to compete effectively in international markets. In its international stores, the strategy is around localising some of the store elements but still staying true to the Starbucks experience. Out of these more than 16, were operational across the Americas.

These pressures are not just leading to compliance costs but also making international expansion difficult. Hanssens, D.

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Starbucks Promotions Marketing Communications Mix This component of the marketing mix refers to the communication strategies used to disseminate information about the firm and its products, and to encourage customers to buy these products.

For example, the Race Together public relations campaign was widely criticized. The key was market research. So, a brand experience that is superlative today may just become a regular one tomorrow.

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