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Children are subjected to a generic approach and treated alike. It is also about the process of learning, not the end result. Society favors those who can accomplish the most with the least amount of help. Social Development and Collaboration In a Montessori classroom, children are grouped with different ages and are encouraged to collaborate and help each other.

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Children get an introduction to real life lessons at an early age. The freedom to move around the room is great too, especially for the child that cannot sit still for a period of time.

Maria Montessori.

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A human being, according to Montessori is different from other species because of the development process in which a human child grows. Montessori was very precise when it came to how a teacher was to impart knowledge on a student, such as observing student behavior with the prepared materials and only interjecting when necessary to push the student to the next level.

The curriculum was meant to teach Sensory education, language, writing and reading, arithmetic, imagination, and fantasy, art and music, physical education and nature.

Key Developmental Stages Montessori is a scientific method of education that is focused on the key developmental stages that all children move through on their way to adulthood.

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The Importance of the Montessori Method of Education As a responsible parent you would definitely wish to give your child the best education possible. Feel free to leave your comment below. Teacher provides the stimulation and drives the learning process. Parents also could assist with the socialization process of young children by actively participating in the schooling process. It is the meeting of minds. Stephen Curry, NBA MVP and a Montessori alum preschool — grade 6 Accountable In a child-centered classroom where learning activities are presented individually to children, students progress at their own pace. The school teacher is an integral part of the home and school environment. This respects the fact that children develop and master academic topics at different speeds, and that in reality, children often work in particular content areas in spurts.
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Maria Montessori on Education