The high incidents of problems between male and female juvenile delinquents

Tolerance for gang activities varies by community Curry and Spergel, ; Horowitz, A continuum of gender-responsive programs and practices are necessary to ensure that girls receive the attention and treatment they need.

females in the juvenile justice system

What accounts for the increase in risk from having a young mother? According to three major large-scale, long-term studies: 1 developmental risks have additive negative effects on child outcomes, 2 most infants with perinatal complications develop into normally functioning children, and 3 children with long-term negative outcomes who suffered perinatal complications more often than not came from socially disadvantaged backgrounds Brennan and Mednick, ; Broman et al.

Victims of childhood abuse and neglect are also at higher risk than other children of being arrested for a violent crime as a juvenile Maxfield and Widom, Find in a Library You have clicked.

Adolescents may be more influenced by what they think their peers are doing than by what they actually are doing Radecki and Jaccard, Community-based statistics show high correlations among joblessness, household disruption, housing density, infant deaths, poverty, and crime Sampson, Parents seem to have more influence on the use of drugs among working-class than among middle-class families, and among blacks more than whites Biddle et al.

why is an understanding of gender differences important in the study of delinquency
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