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That qualified answer is your thesis. Remember to make sure that your thesis can be proved. What works for you?

Keep trying until you are sure that both thesis and antithesis can be defended. You will use it again later.

Write a sentence that contains a double parallel. So is not an intensifier. Try- Use try to instead of try and. The best opinions usually have the most opposition. A person could use facts about the death penalty in order to make an argument for or against this punishment. No sentence is truly hopeless. Example at the bottom of p. Make it a status symbol that the student could wear or carry with him. What is the value of the yes-or-no question? Not: He was lazy, good-humored, likeable, and sort of a crook. How strictly should you follow the full thesis when you write your essay? Why or why not? Then, in your own words, explain exactly what the sentences mean. These con and pro points, listed separately for easy reference under the thesis, provide an organization chart for your entire essay.

Why is qualification of a thesis important? This is NOT a subject that most agree upon, therefore it would be interesting to many. Try to substitute at the time.

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This is more accepted now.

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