Tips for writing ap english literature essays

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Underline important parts of the question so that you answer each of the parts correctly. You may have a lack of concentration. The third book should be entirely different, in case you get a prompt that will be difficult to answer with one of your favorites.

Tips for writing ap english literature essays

AP English Literature Multiple-Choice Tips The multiple choice section of the literature test covers a total of 55 questions and offers 1 full hour to answer them. You want to make sure you show the reader that you can understand the literal as well as some of the more abstract concepts associated with the piece. In total, the test will take 3 hours, with 1 hour devoted to the multiple choice section and 2 hours dedicated to the essay questions. Eat a good meal. Are they all a specific type like inference questions or analysis questions? Keep the introduction and conclusion short. Look for common themes of imagery, shifts in tone or mood, and selection of detail. The best student writer sees much, but says it very succinctly. If any of it is wrong that means the whole thing should be thrown out, so make sure you cross it out and ignore it.

Eating right is always going to be an essential step. Keep vocabulary and syntax within your zone of competence.

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Mark it and make a plan Preparation is the key to any successful essay for any AP test. Make a plan. Make an educated guess. This ensures that you cover the essay from top to bottom and do not miss any important literary concepts in the piece. Mere parroting of the prompt often leads to floundering around instead of developing a clear direction.

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