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Or that intelligent life may arrive and make use of all that we've achieved.

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The Age of Stupid centres on Pete Postlethwaite, the only actor in the film, who plays the keeper of the global archive, a huge storage facility built km north of Norway in what is now permanently ice-free stormy northern seas. These six stories take the form of interweaving documentary segments that report on the lives of real people around the year and switch the film's narrative form from fiction to fact.

He ends up rescuing people in his little boat.

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The scenes and ideas play on your mind long after the screening. The basic argument that these true yet dramatically presented stories underscore is that we need to get off fossil fuels as quickly as possible. He pulls together clips of "archive" news and documentary from to build a message showing what went wrong and why. I really hope that, through global endeavours like this movie, we can help shift towards a low carbon world, by making people aware of the consequences of not doing so. It names culprits Perhaps Age of Stupid is also the beginning of a new phase when environmentalists get clever. So Armstrong and her producer went back to the drawing board. These myths prevent us from engaging with climate change. Plot[ edit ] The film is set in the year , in a world ravaged by catastrophic climate change; London is flooded, Sydney is burning, Las Vegas has been swallowed up by desert, the Amazon rainforest has burnt up, snow has vanished from the Alps , and nuclear war has laid waste to India. The conclusion is probably spot-on: we are inches away from being the first species on the planet to knowingly kill itself off. If left unchecked it will ruin the planet and the lives of billions of people. Rather than saving polymer plastics for medical equipment, scientific instruments and immortalising music and art, we waste 40 per cent of it on disposable packaging.

Perhaps Age of Stupid is also the beginning of a new phase when environmentalists get clever. She's trying to help her elder brother make it across the border to safety.

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Our goal should be to keep increases in greenhouse gas emissions to less than two degrees Celsius. At the time that they made the film, Armstrong and her producer Lizzie Gillett chose to portray the worst-case scenario—an average global temperature rise of 4C by —based on peer-reviewed scientific climate models and with the help of a scientific advisor.

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The Age of Stupid revisited: what's changed on climate change?