Water station business plan philippines jobs

Water station business plan philippines jobs

Q: What is the best source of water, commercial water distributed by local utility or deep well? A: Deep well saves monthly expenses. These are among the questions that must be addressed before proceeding to next steps. A standard water refilling station consists of a water purification room, refilling and selling room, container washing and sanitizing room, storage room for the refilled and empty containers, an office, toilet, and a source water storage facility. Each choice has their own advantages and disadvantages, but none is necessarily better than the other. Once a legitimate location is found, coordinate with your chosen vendor to supply and install the machinery. Apply for BIR form to authorize printing of receipts and pay necessary fees. Fast delivery also attracts customers. However, before putting up this kind of business, it is best to learn different printing methods digital printing, silkscreen, direct to garment for a more specialized venture. Be careful not to be drawn by cheap equipment price; check the after-sales service such as installation, warranty, service charges, parts replacement, staff training and availability of technicians in case problems occur. Change in taste - knowing which goods and services consumers want. Do a dry-run of the machine and equipment to ensure it is working properly. Usually, the required total area is 20 to 25 square meters.

Your supplier should be able to provide a layout plan as well as advise on site on issues such as access to water utility supply, electrical supply, and right distribution area where workers can interact with customers or arrange with delivery staff.

Interested in owning a food cart business? As the profit increases, you can use the money to hire additional manpower so you can simply oversee the daily business operations as a supervisor.

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Consequently, DOH issues implementing rules and regulations prescribing sanitary standards for water supply systems, including water refilling stations. To those who are not familiar what are the pros and cons of franchising and non-franchising business model, read here. To operate the water store, about five employees are needed.

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However, before putting up this kind of business, it is best to learn different printing methods digital printing, silkscreen, direct to garment for a more specialized venture. This low-capital business is cheaper to set up than an internet cafe. Amidst this uncertainty, a solution has appeared in the thousands of water refilling stations that now dot the Philippine landscape.

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With such an intense competition, how do businesses cope up with the pressure? Marketing Water refilling stations managed by private entrepreneurs offer a cheaper and more convenient solution to the publics drinking water needs than bottled water or the use of household filters. Apart from customized tees, you can also focus on printing office uniforms, jerseys, hoodies, and canvas bags. If not, will obtaining loans from banks be sustainable towards a profitable business? Step 2 Negotiate with suppliers or franchisers. Address: Quezon Avenue, Brgy. Your signage should be clear and visible from a distance. This recycle plastic bottles will be sell to plastic industries and all the profit will be donating in a charitable institution. Go the extra mile like pickup and delivery for free for bulk deliveries, or extended hours of operation.
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Steps to Starting a Water Refilling Station Business in the Philippines