Were germany s actions in wwii justified

Posters and articles continually reminded the German population not to forget the atrocity stories that Allied propaganda spread about Germans during World War I, such as the false charge that Germans had cut off the hands of Belgian children. Grimsrud traces the history of war resistance in America from the Quakers in colonial Pennsylvania to early peace societies to interwar pacifist organizations to conscientious objectors in World War II to the Civil Rights and anti-nuclear movements.

They did so in part, it will be suggested here, by convincing themselves that they had not truly violated moral boundaries and remained upstanding, civilized men.

Although it was the most destructive thing to life, liberty, and property that the world has ever seen, World War II is viewed as a good war.

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Newsreels also became central to German Propaganda Minister Goebbels's efforts to form and manipulate public opinion during the war. Such stories, which achieved some success in stiffening resistance as Allied troops moved into Germany, were aimed at intensifying fear of capitulation, encouraging fanaticism, and urging continued destruction of the enemy.

Grew, in a formal address to the America-Japan Society stated: the new order in East Asia has appeared to include, among other things, depriving Americans of their long established rights in China, and to this the American people are opposed Communist was popular because people didn't KNOW what we know now.

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The war "must be someone's fault — and that's a very natural human reaction" analyzed historian Margaret MacMillan. Init organized a festival on the occasion of the anniversary of the invasion and opened a school for Soviet children. Indeed, the complete film did not survive the war. For many others, the propaganda reinforced deep-seated anti-Polish sentiment.

What might you expect the consequences to be?

was ww2 morally grey
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Was our involvement in WW II justified?